BKR International

Euroglobal SEE Audit Limted is an independent member of BKR International, a leading global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing the expertise of more than 135 member firms with over 300 offices in over 70 countries around the world.


BKR History


Ranked by the International Accounting Bulletin in the top 10 global associations, BKR International represents the combined strength of more than 135 leading-edge accounting and business advisory firms in more than 300 locations throughout the world.


BKR International was formed in 1989 as the result of a merger of U.S.-based National CPA Group and several members of the primarily European DHR International. The BKR name came from the initials of three of its founding member firms.


Sharing resources and information to enhance and expand their services, BKR members continuously improve the quality of their work to better serve their clients. As part of a global team, they have access to expertise in virtually every area of practice.


BKR firms offer clients the best of both worlds: personalized local service and global expertise and connections.


Being a member of BKR allows us to assist our clients in many jurisdictions. BKR member firms are selected for their local influence, expertise, and international capability. All members offer a full range of professional services, and take a proactive role as management consultants in helping clients achieve their unique business objectives.


Affiliates in major cities eliminate the barriers of language and commercial customs throughout the world, smoothing the way to establishing new business in unfamiliar territory. Partners in our global association take personal responsibility for international clients.


BKR members are committed to delivering superior client service throughout the world. Trust and support are the foundations upon which BKR members have built successful long-term relationships with their clients. In today's rapidly changing business environment, we provide personalized attention that makes "doing business" at home and abroad more satisfying, seamless and secure. And, as part of a global team, we can assist with virtually any business need.


BKR International provides growth and development opportunities to member firms, their people and their clients. BKR International member firms deliver creative and practical service to clients through:

Highly trained, skilled and motivated people;

Continual investment in leading edge technology; and

Rigorous standards and procedures.


For further information please visit BKR International’s website www.bkr.com